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So much goes on behind the scenes in planning and preparation for the Asbury Music Awards. The nominees and performers are selected by a panel of industry veterans which include promoters, sound technicians, radio personalities, music writers, music fans, and club owners. Artists that have graduated to a major label or those who have won or been nominated for a particular category for five consecutive years at the Asbury Music Awards are eligible for “Record of The Year” and “Best Thing To Happen in Asbury Park”, and may appear onstage presenting or performing during the ceremonies, however, they have graduated from being nominated from most if not all other categories, making room for up and coming artists, musicians, singers and songwriters.

After the carefully chosen Asbury Music Awards panel convenes and chooses all performers and nominees, the names of the nominees for each category are compiled in ballot format and distributed to a select group of music industry insiders, devoted music fans and those local music scenesters. The voting process is not open to the general public, but much effort is put into selecting voters. This method has proven most equitable, as it precludes "ballot stuffing" than can skew results in certain categories.

Area clubs, music-related businesses, record stores, radio stations, newspapers and time tested music enthusiasts are ALL represented in the final voting. Ballots are painstakingly counted, votes are tallied, and the winners are revealed for the first time at the Asbury Music Awards ceremony. A variety of local music alumni, past award recipients, sponsors, and industry professionals are invited by the panel to present awards each year. The Asbury Music Awards have been going strong and growing rapidly for 20 years, celebrating local musicians, singers-songwriters and the creative community in support of live original music and the arts in Asbury Park and at the Jersey Shore.